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You would like to fully meet your ISO requirements for ISO 9001:2015?
With the assistance from learnjet®, you can pass every audit with your company without any difficulty!
learnjet® assists you with:
> keeping know-how in the company inter-divisionally
> documenting processes and competences in a sustainable manner
> making company knowledge available worldwide and in real-time
= increasing productivity
learnjet® supports:
> significantly increasing the qualifications of your employees at the workplace
> providing your employees direct accessible knowledge
> training the employees online without time loss (“training-on-the-job”)
= increasing skills
learnjet® promotes:
> the skills of your employees through step by step instructions
> process optimization through examples from daily practice
> internal communication via a dedicated chat tool
= optimizing processes

A Standard für Standards

Would you like to learn more about the new knowledge management with learnjet®?

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